Friday, January 22, 2010

A Short Rant

Ok so let me preface this post by saying that this is a rebuttal to the many comments I have heard about the performance of the NC State Wolfpack's great win against an overrated (as usual) Duke team. I will start off by saying that I am a fan of good basketball. Against Duke, NC State played great basketball. It all came together, great defense, clutch shooting, and mental toughness (they didn't fold even when Nolan Smith hit that rediculous shot at the end of the first half). For that I applaud them (clap clap). I actually enjoyed the game (yes I did watch it). I was impressed by the potential of some of their players namely Scott Wood and Tracy Smith. So keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post. I do give props where props are due.

I will NOT EVER be a fan of NC State EVER again. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of college basketball anyways (I know gasp...) I enjoy March Madness...and I pull for the ACC against the other conferences but I will not be called an NC State fan. This week's win simply reiterated a lot of the things I hate about NC State. Not all of them involve fact the main reason is that I am just frustrated with them in general right now. But here goes...

1. Let's get the stupid reason out of the way first. This is the reply to those people who have called me a "bandwagon" fan after the Duke game. Ummm....last time I checked "bandwagon" meant that you all of a sudden started pulling FOR a team after a win or a couple of wins. I actually DO NOT pull for NC State even after they beat Duke. (See the first paragraph). Have I pulled for UNC, yes. Does UNC stink this crap. Therefore am I a bandwagon Stop being stupid.

2. I hate stupid fans. While every school has stupid fans I agree...some of the worst are found at NC State. When was the last time they won 1982-83 season? And yet State fans expect their name to be mentioned as on the same level as Duke or Carolina. Well hmmm...lets see...Duke and Carolina have actually won CHAMPIONSHIPS...OHHHHH! It makes sense for them to be mentioned in the national picture every year...they've earned the right. NC State have not been even relevant in ANYTHING for like the past 15+ years. So let's quit acting like we're a good team already and should be competing for the same recruits as Duke and Carolina. Maybe in time...but lets be realistic people! Also, no one talks junk like a State fan and with less reason. I mean, if you like talking smack and then getting your butt handed to you...keep going but like I said...I hate stupid fans. State may be 0 and 16 and Carolina maybe #1 in the country but to hear a State fan talk, Carolina has NO shot to beat them...just're embarrassing yourself.

3. The other type of State fans are the ones who come out of the woodwork when they get a big win (like against Duke). They're like..."yeah we TOLD you that was going to happen"...and then start talking even more junk (see above paragraph). To hear some of these people talk you would think they had just won the national championship. I mean...I guess when you haven't won anything since Ronald Reagan was is kind of a big win...but let's look at the record 12-6, 2-3 in the ACC....hmmm...mediocre at best. (And yes I know that UNC is like dead last in the ACC...not even going to argue about that...State may even be better than UNC this year...)

4. Last two things about the NC State sports programs...first no one lives in the past quite like an NC State fan. They can completely suck it up for 10 consecutive seasons but a true State fan can never stop talking about the "glory days" "Remember that 1973 season!" Every game thats on TV the camera pans to the ceiling so we can see that 1982 championship banner. Way to go. Most of you weren't even born in stop talking about something you didn't even get to witness. If you were born before 1982 I bet most of you were still to young to remember anything about it!

5. Last thing...whenever NC State sports DOES actually have something good going for them, they find a way to screw it up. I give you...Herb Sendek. The guy did nothing but win. He got them to the NCAA tournament like every year. But...they didn't win a championship so they fired him. Since then, they haven't made it ONCE to the tournament and I don't even think they have made the NIT (perhaps I'm wrong on that). Once again, unrealistic expectations halt progress. Herb Sendek then goes to Arizona State (a horrible basketball school in a horrible conference...the PAC 10) and...ohhhh....gets them to the NCAA tournament...twice. In your face State.

Ok that's all I'm going to say about NC State sports. I just felt the need to rant a little. Now I do attend NC State and so I think I have the right to say what I did about them. After all I have spent 7+ years there. There are many other reasons besides their sports programs for which I harbor some resentment towards my school but honestly it would take too long for me to write here. I also realize that I will probably get TONS of negative comments about this post. Go ahead...bring it. Remember I used to pull for State so I probably already know exactly what you are going to say...there are only like 3-4 rebuttals an NC State fan can use! Perhaps I have ruffled some feathers....well you don't have to keep reading my blog then. Bum. Haha ok well that is all I'm going to say. I actually had a lot of fun writing this post. Hope you have fun reading it!

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